[SATLUG] RMS coming to town?

Storey Clamp storey at clamp.ws
Sun Feb 8 05:13:39 CST 2009

Chris Hudson wrote:
>> doesn't like to stay in
>> hotels on these visits.. so he's staying at my place for
>> the 1-2 nights while
>> in town for his IEEE/Trinity talk.
> I'm surprised he's speaking at an IEEE event, I didn't think he liked
> them...from his web site (stallman.org):
> Don't publish papers with the IEEE! As the IEEE rejects public-domain
> papers, let the public reject the IEEE. See
> http://cr.yp.to/writing/ieee.html.
rms has spent almost 20 years trying to accomplish what Linus did in one 
year.  Most of his talks include a rant about how most users of our 
favorite operating system call it Linux instead of "GNU/Linux", which 
deprives him of what he feels is his fair share of credit.  I do not 
plan to hang around the Trinity Campus waving a GNU flag in hope of 
getting an autograph.

I use vi, not Emacs

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