[SATLUG] [SATLUG[ GNULinux would not exist were it not for RMS ?

D Villarreal dvprogs at gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 20:24:14 CST 2009

I'm shocked that anyone would compare what Mr. Stallman has done compared to
what Mr. Torvalds has done, just based on one project. I'm further shocked
that someone who should know better would not give Mr. Stallman due credit
for what he's done for the free software movement. I don't expect anyone to
like Mr. Stallman, but to not even acknowledge his hard work over many, many
years on many different projects, without which we would not be where we're
at, is, well, silly.

I am sorry you would just dismiss someone's hard work, just for their
"personality," irregardless of their efforts to make software free, even for

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> Storey Clamp wrote:
> >

... rms has spent almost 20 years trying to accomplish what Linus did in one
> year.  Most of his talks include a rant about how most users of our favorite
> operating system call it Linux instead of "GNU/Linux", which deprives him of
> what he feels is his fair share of credit.  I do  not plan to hang around
> the Trinity Campus waving a GNU flag in hope of getting an autograph.
> >
> > I use vi, not Emacs
> Well said Storey.  I have talked to him at a couple different Usenix
> conferences.  He was impossible to talk to if I did not preface
> everything with GNU.  After two times in person and once on the phone I
> gave up trying to talk to him.  He has done a lot of good stuff but
> needs to lighten up a little.
> Steve
> :wq

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