[SATLUG] Meeting on Wednesday

Jim Wells, President president at satlug.org
Tue Feb 10 22:27:17 CST 2009

I know that Don mentioned the meeting on Wednesday the 11th, but just to
send you a formal notice that yes we are having a meeting starting at 7pm.
(probably a few minutes later for those of us that drag in a little late,
and yes I've done that before!)

Just an FYI regarding the SATLUG shirts, we now have the 24 needed to order
them.  I received an e-mail yesterday that one person is sending me a check
for a few more shirts, but I haven't heard back from him so I don't know
whether it has been sent yet or not.  Anybody who still wants a shirt AND
can make the meeting, do your best to make it.  I'm hoping to get by the
shirt embroiderer on Friday morning & get them ordered.  I will let the list
know when they actually get ordered.

I do want to thank everyone's patience on getting this order together.  I
know it's been a LONG road.

Jim Wells

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