[SATLUG] Re: CCLUG and Distos ?

Leif Johnson leif at paisd.net
Thu Feb 12 07:08:15 CST 2009


I just have a safe little spot on my network for some random .iso images. 
It's not really meant as a public distribution site, but rather a spot for 
me to store stuff on and old Pentium MMX 233 MHz box running a crufty old 
FC4. I'd be happy to share the link with ya'll though: 
http://redfish.port-aransas.k12.tx.us/auth/ I was just trying to help out 
a newt on SATLUG and took all kinds of abuse from Howie about being a 
Viking terrorist. Ha!

I am ambitious. I am bilingual. I have a full head of hair.

Leif Johnson
(361) 749-1200 x. 316

On Thu, 12 Feb 2009, John Clements wrote:

> Leif,
> Would you be willing to share your storage of Linux distros with the
> cclug mailing list?  Saw your post on satlug.
> John Clements
> www.cclug.org

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