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Todd W. Bucy toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Thu Feb 12 10:05:20 CST 2009

On Thu, 2009-02-12 at 09:20 -0600, David Kowis wrote:
> Quoting Nathan <nathan at gvtc.com>:
> > At the meeting tonight we starting talking about the March 14th  
> > Computer Show.
> >
> > Our focus for that show will be Accounting and Business software  
> > other then the standard 'Office' types. This could include Point Of  
> > Sale and Project Management software.
> >
> > For the May 30th show we started talking about 'control' software  
> > such as Don had one time running a model train or robotics.
> >
> > Nathan
> That's pretty awesome. Well the Accounting and Business software.
> There's KMyMoney2 and GnuCash. Those are probably the leaders in open  
> source. I wouldn't discount QuickBooks, via wine or crossover office.  
> QuickBooks is like the defacto standard. Supposedly it works in  
> wine/crossover office.
> Most business types, unless they've got a hook for Open Source  
> software, want stuff to just work. The software is a tool in their  
> money making arsenal. If it seems to cost them money to do it, and  
> sometimes time is more valuable than money, they probably won't be  
> interested. At least, that's my experience with it.
> I don't know of any PoS software, however I do know that CircuitCity  
> used to use something written on a linux platform to handle their  
> Point of Sale stuff. I'd be interested to know what people find.  
> That'd be fun to set up :)
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> David Kowis
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I seem to remember a PoS system called Aloha which was F/OSS bassed.  I
may be wrong


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