Todd W. Bucy toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Tue Feb 17 18:47:17 CST 2009

does anyone know of a legitimate reason why ATT DSL does not support


I recently worked on my neighbor's a HP Ze2000.  It was loaded with
Winblows XP with only 256 meg of ram.  I cleansed his system of the foul
smell which emanated from  his hard drive and installed Xbuntu 8.04.
has a little problem with the wifi but I got it figured out and was able
to connect to his DSL modem with no prob.  got a nice ping from his ISP
so communication had been established.  However when firefox was
launched for the first time the homepage was redirected to a AT&T
website saying there was a problem and that we should call tech
support....on hold...on hold....(my dinner's getting cold) sing it with
me!  I take off to eat dinner and while I am gone AT&T calls back, of
course, so my neighbor handles the call...long story short the tech
support guy says that AT&T doesn't support Linux.  what is there for an
ISP to support its the same DAMN Internet ARGGGGGGG!!!! I hate lazy tech
support people! Now I have to use my afternoon tomorrow to talking to
AT&T for my neighbor anyone have any ideas how to handle my next
encounter with AT&T?

sorry for the rant I hate to get it off my chest.  

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