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>does anyone know of a legitimate reason why ATT DSL does not support

Obviously there are too many versions of Linux and just one Windows (95,
98, ME, NT, 2000, XP Home, XP Pro, MediaCenter, 2003, Vista Home, Vista
Home Premium, Vista Business, ...) They don't support any routers but
their own models for the same reason. Please note that "does not
support" is not the same as "does not work with".

Though there is some irony in AT&T not supporting Unix.[1]

>...  However when firefox was
>launched for the first time the homepage was redirected to a AT&T
>website saying there was a problem and that we should call tech

Sounds like a new DSL setup that hasn't been authenticated yet. In that
case you'll probably have to run Interment Explorer (somehow) to click
on the magic button that doesn't appear in Firefox. DSL Reports has a
couple of good AT&T forums that might help.

If it's an existing account, you still might have lost the DSL adapter
setup, so checking the manual install steps (using info from DSLR) is
still a good idea.  --Don

[1] Yes, I know what GNU stands for, the Minix roots of Linux, and that
thenewat&t is not the old Ma Bell. The irony still applies.

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