[SATLUG] Icons

Mike Wallace m.a.wallace at gmail.com
Tue Feb 17 20:50:04 CST 2009

Forgive me for this is not Linux specific.  I am looking for some good icon
sets (mainly general application) that can be used commercially.  I have run
across a couple totally free libraries, but the vast majority are "free" but
only if you use them personally.  The rules change for commercial products,
and it seems that every graphic artist has their own idea of what
"commercial" is.  Just look at all the variations there are in a CC license,
let alone those who don't use a CC license.  Right now I am writing some
"proof of concept" software, so I would like it to look nice for demo
purposes, but I don't want to include anything that has commercial
limitations.  Knowing me, I would totally forget that the icon set was
restricted if any of the demos were to move forward.  I don't know how many
web and/or GUI developers there are on this list, but do know of any good,
completely free icon sets and perhaps other graphics as well?  And for extra
credit, anyone know of some free (commercially) sound effect libraries?


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