[SATLUG] Scarry stuff...How to write a linux virus in 5 easy steps

Don Wright satlug at sbcglobal.net
Thu Feb 19 12:10:26 CST 2009

James, you really should read the whole thing - both parts. The name
isn't the meat of the article, the behavior of GNOME and KDE is.

Charles and others:
Here's the Executive Summary: KDE and GNOME will run shell scripts from
properly encoded desktop shortcut files <em>without having the execute
bit set.</em> These files do not have to be named something.desktop, and
there are known exploits that can escalate privilege from userspace.

Obviously this is doing things The Microsoft Way: Take the thinking away
from the user and minimize calls to the help desk.

Yes, the user is the cause of most system problems. "An empty stable
stays clean, but there is no income from an empty stable." Proverbs 14:4
(TLB)  --Don

On Thu, 19 Feb 2009 11:33:08 -0600, James Tiner <jtiner at satx.rr.com>

>OK guys, I'm going to argue on a few technical notes. First, examples of
>this (I must admit I only glanced at the article) are not examples of a
>virus. They are an example of a Trojan. These require someone to open
>the gates and pull the horse through.

Be well - or at least have interesting symptoms!

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