ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 10:22:12 CST 2009

Hi All;

 From Geoff's note to Cheryl:

> Are you -really- interested in helping fight the cause?  Go to
> www.grc.com  Gibson Research Center.  Steve Gibson is the guy who wrote
> SpinRite, and that's a harddrive utility program that reads the data of
> every sector, moves it to a known safe place on your harddrive, cleans
> that sector, making sure the disc surface is ok, and not in danger of
> failing anytime soon, then putting that data back, and moving onto the
> next sector.  I was using SpinRite back in the mid 80's.  Steve is a
> good dude, who also is at war with the script-kiddies and is interested
> in helping those who are interested in helping themselves.  LOTS and
> Lots of free utilities to help you safe-guard your computer system(s).
I've also visited GRC for years, not for SpinRite, but for their 
_/Shields-Up!/_ pages.  Those pages will help you check everything from 
open ports to browser headers and referrers.  While mostly a big help 
for Winderz machines (and I use it for my clientèle), most of the 
functions work just as well for a Linux machine.


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