[SATLUG] managing email - worries and concerns over Tbird, Downloading Y mail. Gmail seems best so far IMO

D Villarreal dvprogs at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 20:12:56 CST 2009

> Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2009 07:37:44 -0600 From: Geoff <
> geofff at w5omr.shacknet.nu>
> ...
> > Oh, and i completely forgot abt Thunderbird mail too.
> yep.  I use Thunderbird mail as my client.  You can even get gmail
> delivered to your thunderbird client, using pop3. The ports are different,
> but there are detailed instructions on the gmail mail page.

 I've tried the most recent Thunderbird and transferred over relative's
email in MS WindowsXP and onto GNU/Linux and it went flawlessly. I had heard
about Thunderbird having some quirks and am a little apprehensive to use
it.... I've always been happy with Sylpheed.

> > I always thought the new Yahoo mail was so ad ladened,
> For Firefox, go to "add-ons" and search out "adblock plus".  After you
> install that, there's a stop-sign somewhere on one of the toolbars, you can
> select what to, and what not-to look at.  Ads are blocked. Shockwave and
> flash images can be blocked as well.  There are other ad-blocking add-ons
> available, too.
> > I was glad it would freeze up my system and not display properly..so I
> could still use the "classic".  I used classic since I was on Windoze in the
> early 90's or >whenever Yahoo mail began, only switching to Linux about 3
> years ago.  I have a lot of files with email in them on Yahoo so I don't
> tamper with that acct.
> >
> when you get your filters setup and/or get pop3 setup for yahoo to have it
> delivered to your thunderbird client you can then start the arduous task of
> forwarding each of those, attachments and all, to your thunderbird client.
>  This way, the mail you want to keep on Yahoo is now kept on your home
> computer, instead of some free server, that's available for hacking.

It may not be necessary to forward the email, that would take so much time.
This is where it would be worthwhile using a third-party program to download
Y mail. There are several programs to do this, although I've not tried them
all and haven't had time. I think I did this one time but that's been a long
time. It would just be easier to get rid of the Y email and just use gmail.

> You can have as many accounts in Thunderbird as you like.  Gmail would ...


> Are you -really- interested in helping fight the cause?  Go to www.grc.com
> ... Steve is a good dude, who also is at war with the script-kiddies and is
> interested in helping those who are interested in helping themselves.  LOTS
> and Lots of free utilities to help you safe-guard your computer system(s).
> -Geoff (Houston)

Sounds interesting, thanks for the lead.

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