Jim Wells, President president at satlug.org
Sun Feb 22 11:38:39 CST 2009

First of all, I apologize because I sent out a message about the shirts &
realized it went to the officers list and NOT the main mailing list.
Sigh....it's turning out to be one of those months.

Here is where we are with the shirt order.  The people have been out of the
office because they were setup at the Rodeo and the only people in the
office the receptionists.  I have an appointment to order the shirts on
Tuesday afternoon, February 24th.  We should have the shirts back on the
11th.  As soon as I actually get the shirts in my possession, I will let the
list know.  At this point I plan on bringing them to the March meeting on
the 12th.

If you can't make the meeting, Don Wright has agreed to take the shirts to
the computer show on the 14th.  I will be at the show but can't make it
until about 1:30 or so because I have a commitment to be IN the St.
Patrick's Day Parade that morning.

If you cannot make either the meeting OR the computer show, contact me after
the show & I will make arrangements to meet you somewhere around town so I
can get your shirt(s) to you.  The ones going out of town I hope to get sent
out on Friday of that week.


p.s. I apologize for the time this has taken.  For those of you who don't
know, my grandmother has been in the hospital/rehab center/nursing home for
the past 3 months so getting things take care of for her has had to be a top
priority for me.  Again, I apologize.

On Sat, Feb 21, 2009 at 9:32 AM, Matt Graham <matthewalan77 at gmail.com>wrote:

> Anybody know the status of the SATLUG shirts?
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