[SATLUG] Shopping Question

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Feb 22 22:03:07 CST 2009

Andrew Pickens wrote:
> Please excuse a non-Linux question, but this is the only source of 
> expert info that I have available.
> My daughter-in-law, in central Nevada (Round Mountain), asked the 
> following.  Since my wife is a phone company retiree, we get a special 
> rate, and I have no answer.
> "We received a mail advertisement yesterday from the DSL provider for 
> this area. Do you think 39.95 a month for 12 months, and a 5.95 lease 
> fee, with 99.00 install is reasonable? The rate goes up 10 dollars after 
> the first year to their basic fee of 49.95. Right now we are paying 
> 22.95 for AT&T dialup. We rarely have issues with it, but it is so slow, 
> and you can forget about receiving pictures.
> "The lease fee is for the satellite and equipment that they have to 
> install. It is much like the Direct TV equipment that we have now. We 
> did not buy the satellite dish or the receiver, so we have to lease it. 
> Although with Direct TV, they waive the fee because we have been with 
> them for so long."

You don't say what the speed it, but that seems kinda pricey. OTOH, I suspect 
that being in the middle of Nevada is more expensive for these types of things. 
   The question thy have to ask is is the increased speed worth the $30/month 
difference to them.  It would be to me, but everyone is different.

   -- Bruce

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