[SATLUG] I'm sorry everyone...

herb cee hc at lookcee.com
Sat Feb 28 14:50:20 CST 2009

Cheryl Holmes wrote:
> I only do emails. surfing (research), some text docs, unloading cam and
> editing pics streaming cable and other TV shows...
> No gaming, or high powered stuff like most of you do.  I want a good
> reliable MB, video card, sound card with dolby and enough memory and
> processor speed to do it all..
> My current system is old but good, just too slow for me and the streaming is
> being affected..  I thought I might enjoy a "project"...I have good quality
> stuff on my PC, just time to update and upgrade...btw I love my own ATX case
> too!  I have way more than enough room to work in it with my hands without
> them getting all chewed up by the metal.  I run it with a side off to help
> keep it cooler inside...thank you all very much...I'm just a simple computer
> person and run Hardy...cheryl
2009-02-28 14:43:04 Hi Cheryl, Since neither of us sees very good and 
since I have been assembling my own puters for 15years I may be able to 
steer you and save you from some pitfalls that lots of folks ignore and 
take for granted that you know them (An example is seating of some CPUs 
especially AMD requires heat paste to be applied to the underside of the 
CPU and not knowing that I burned up a $60 chip) it would be better if 
you EMed me directly since it will be easier to have an interactive 
conversation. If you want to give it a try EM me straight off list and 
give me the *model #/name of your current rig* so I can look up to see 
what you have now and what will be the simplest/cheapest way to go. 
hc at lookcee.com

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