[SATLUG] Board for embedded linux

Samuel Leon satlug at net153.net
Sat Feb 28 19:16:56 CST 2009

I have a project to build a small box to act as a transparent ethernet 
bridge to monitor activity and log data.  So I will need a board with 2 
ethernet controllers.  I could probably get by on less than a 300mhz 
cpu, 128mb ram and at least 128mb of flash storage.  I haven't decided 
on the OS yet.  I have spent all day looking for a board like this.  I 
am kind of new to the embedded scene so trying to decipher the data on 
websites that offer system on chip boards like http://www.amcc.com is 
confusing.  Seems like the boards that they sell directly are only 
development/eval boards?  Or do they not sell boards and only sell chips?

I am trying to stay below $100.  The only thing I have found is the ALIX 
stuff.  This will be fine 
but the price is higher than I wanted.  It has the pci ports that I 
don't need and the amd cpu is pricy (vs arm9,ppc ect) so it seems like 
there should be something out there that is cheaper.  Is what I am 
asking for not come pre fabbed and have to be custom manufactured?
I will probably have to make several of these so having a ready made 
cheap enclosure is also a plus.  Anyone know of anything or I am stuck 
with ALIX?


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