[SATLUG] I'm sorry everyone...

John Champion satlugacct at jchampion.com
Sat Feb 28 23:26:42 CST 2009

See here's the way I look at it...yes you're building a box for low powered
processes however...You should look about three years ahead and ask yourself
will the box you build today be satisfactory three years from now.
You can buy a very nice Asus Mobo/AMD Cpu and ram for under $200. If you can
get by with a 500 GB hd, and use the video on the mobo, you will get out for
around $275.

I have built a ton of these same types of rigs and the costs have dropped so
much, that it's actually quite compelling to building your own box. In my
mind, the absolute hardest part is connecting the power, reset, hd lights,
and such from the case to the mobo. That's the hard part. Remember...if you
are not using a retail cpu, if you are using an OEM, remember to use a
slight amount of the thermal grease. Your cpu is not a baked potato. Please
do not use a dollop on there. Ha!

Hope that helps....

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