[SATLUG] wireless problem

riugakusei at aim.com riugakusei at aim.com
Thu Jan 1 22:20:36 CST 2009

 i got it to work... i installed ndiswrapper.... but i also installes a firmware:
?modprobe -vvv b43
modprobe -vv b43legacy
update the kernel n rebooted n it was recognized...
?i dont even know if i needed ndiswrapper LOL... but my wifi its working as we speak... i looked around on the forums... thats the help i got.. hope this helps some one else.



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:> am running suse 11.0 ona? dell latitude d630.. ei cant get the wireless to
> work. dell 1505 mini/ Broadcom 4328, i tried ndiswrapper
>/ linux-xs8j:/home/medar/DRIVER_US # ndiswrapper -l
> bcmwl5 : driver installed
> ??????? device (14E4:4328) present (alternate driver: ssb)
> i also got ndiswrapper loaded
> linux-xs8j:/home/medar/DRIVER_US # dmesg|grep ndisw
> ndiswrapper version 1.52 loaded (smp=yes, preempt=no)
> usbcore: registered new interface driver ndiswrapper
> any help / hints are appreciated.
Are you sure your wlan0 network preferences are correct, and
that your wlan0 driver is the correct one for your 4328 module?

I'm using ndiswrapper (bcmwl5.xxx) with a bcm4315 module.


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