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Aaron Hackney techgeeks at aaronhackney.com
Thu Jan 1 23:48:43 CST 2009

Tweeks wrote:
> On Wednesday 31 December 2008 12:56:14 pm skolars wrote:
> [...]
>> I am willing to bet Unix admins all over the world can send in times
>> that are totally unknown in the M$ world. 
> Yes, but uptime on Windows boxes really is a different ball game.  Not just 
> because that platform is less stable, but because most critical patches do 
> require some amount of rebooting.  So the paradigm of good admin = high 
> uptime is flipped in the MS world.  High uptime in Windows means that you've 
> never applied all of your patches and rebooted... thus your system is 
> vulnerable.  Not so in the UN*X world.
> But really... back in the UN*X world... over the years, instead of doing the 
> hole "my uptime is bigger than yours" ego stroke.. I 
> prefer to share painful stories of lost uptime! Much more fun... :)  
> Here are a few of mine...
> Had to move my server location within the datacenter:
>         http://theweeks.org/tmp/MINE/uptime-2003-12.png
>         http://theweeks.org/tmp/MINE/uptime-2003-12_ouch.png
> or
> The time I made a hot-plug, in-line UPS for another forced move of my lunchbox 
> server so that I wouldn't lose my 1yr+ of uptime... :
>         http://theweeks.org/toms-stuff/pics/psi-web-xfer-2.jpg
I can't help but think of the Seinfeld episode where George does the 
same thing with the Frogger machine so he doesn't lose his high score :)

> Just after that photo was taken of the box actually running on my hacked 12/5v 
> inline UPS gel-cell, I accidentally shorted +5 to GND and BEEP.. it 
> rebooted.. Ouch..
> <sigh>... all those jiffies lost...
> Tweeks

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