[SATLUG] wireless problem

riugakusei at aim.com riugakusei at aim.com
Fri Jan 2 12:05:19 CST 2009

 yes.. n thanks.. ill let u know whats the outcome



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>i got it to work... i installed ndiswrapper.... but i also 
>installes a firmware: /usr/sbin/install_b43_Firmware
>?modprobe -vvv b43  ,  modprobe -vv b43legacy
>update the kernel n rebooted n it was recognized...
>?i dont even know if i needed ndiswrapper LOL... but my wifi 
>its working as we speak... i looked around on the forums... 
>thats >the help i got.. hope this helps some one else.
Good news that it's working, glad you eventually found help.
Depending on the kernel, the firmware may or may not
be contained.  Am pretty sure ndiswrapper was/is needed.
The acid test would be to remove ndiswrapper, reboot, and 
see if your firmware patch alone activates it.


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