[SATLUG] Kernel Issues for 8.10

ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 2 13:41:35 CST 2009

Ernest De Leon wrote:
> I was just wondering if anyone else ran into some issues with installing
> Ubuntu 8.10 on certain hardware. I was attempting to install it on a Toshiba
> notebook for a friend and it would consistently drop into terminal mode
> (non-GUI) and show kernel issues...I can't remember the exact error now, but
> I did find it on the Ubuntu forums as a prevalent problem having to do with
> the newest kernel. I burned an 8.04 cd real fast and that installed without
> issues (obviously an older kernel rev.) I'm not even sure that 8.10 is that
> much better than 8.04, but I like to have the newest 'stable' (apparently
> not in this case) version installed when I give it to other people. 8.04 is
> working like a charm.
> Ernest
Hi Earnest...

I ran into the same problem(s) with 8.10 when trying to distro upgrade 
my Acer 3050 Aspire notebook (AMD Sempron 1.8Ghz, 2.5GB Kingston RAM, 
ATI 200M 32MB shared), and when trying a fresh install on an HP 
Pavillion 531w tower (Intel Centrino 1.3Ghz, 512MB Hyundai RAM, ATI 
Radeon 7000 64MB on-card).

A problem exists with the script the ATI driver-install package tries to 
use to call OpenOffice as a dependency.  Why it should need that?  I 
haven't a clue.  Nor am I experienced enough to re-write the script.  I 
discovered the error while trying to compile and install the ATI drivers 
at the CLI, separately from the distro install...

However, in both cases, at the end of the install, I was summarily 
dumped to a terminal screen and left hanging. Further, all attempts to 
back-install the original fglrx (OpenGL) drivers were met with a warning 
window stating that fglrx no longer worked in the 8.10 environment.  I 
hastily crawled back to the stable 8.04, did fresh installs on both 
machines, and have been happy ever since.  (I am, tho, beginning to look 
at other distros now, to see what I might be missing...)


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