[SATLUG] From Fortune

skolars skolars at cis.sac.accd.edu
Fri Jan 2 18:14:50 CST 2009

Al Castanoli wrote:
> <snip></snip>
> OTOH, I thoroughly enjoyed the last Linux installfest at SAC and was
> able to help people do something useful with their PC hardware.  The
> difference is our customers there can come to the list for help and
> don't expect the installer to be on the hook for all their maintenance
> requirements. If you fix someone's Windows box or Mac, they expect you
> to work on it for them whenever the bogon flux hits them.
> Al Castanoli

The students, and others, who get Linux installed really appreciate the
assistance they get at the Installfest.  Glenn, John, and I greatly
appreciate it.


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