[SATLUG] vim version changes

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Jan 5 11:50:33 CST 2009

Borries Demeler wrote:
> In our latest upgrade we went from vim 6.3.7 to 7.0.237. One change in vim I
> noticed is that the backspace key now erases hard returns, the old version
> did not do that, and stopped at the beginning of the line.

> Is there a setting in vimrc that I can make to prevent backspaces from being
> erased?

:set backspace=0

   -- Bruce

'backspace' 'bs'        string  (default "")
                         {not in Vi}
  Influences the working of <BS>, <Del>, CTRL-W and CTRL-U in Insert
  mode.  This is a list of items, separated by commas.  Each item allows
  a way to backspace over something:
  value   effect  ~
    indent  allow backspacing over autoindent
    eol     allow backspacing over line breaks (join lines)
    start   allow backspacing over the start of insert; CTRL-W and CTRL-U
            stop once at the start of insert.

  When the value is empty, Vi compatible backspacing is used.

  For backwards compatibility with version 5.4 and earlier:
  value   effect  ~
    0     same as ":set backspace=" (Vi compatible)
    1     same as ":set backspace=indent,eol"
    2     same as ":set backspace=indent,eol,start"

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