[SATLUG] Upcoming SATLUG meeting & SATLUG Shirts.

ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 5 13:56:31 CST 2009

Jim Wells, President wrote:
> Hello all,
> Just a reminder that out January Meeting is going to be on the 8th, which is
> this Thursday. We will be discussing the upcoming Computer Show as well as
> the Installfest that is approaching.
Darned...  I still can't make it for teaching that night...
> Also, some of you have expressed an interest in ordering SATLUG shirts.  At
> present we have 13 confirmed orders either paid for, or with checks being
> mailed.  We need 11 more shirts to make the minimum order of 24.  If we are
> only a couple short, there won't be a problem with getting them to make the
> order.  If we are short more than that, we might have to delay ordering
> until after the February meeting.  If we HAVE to delay, I plan on being at
> the computer show at the end of January so hopefully we can get any needed
> shirts requested & paid for there.
When is the Computer Show? 
> IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, I would rather order the shirts the Monday after the
> meeting.  I realize that if we are short on the order, it will have to wait
> until we have the full 24 shirts.
I'd like one, but cannot order until the 15th...  <sigh>  No cash in hand...
> I put the prices below since I realized I didn't have the prices all
> together in one e-mail.  Also if you want a polo shirt you will need to tell
> me what color you want as well as an alternated color in case the other is
> unavailable.
> Jim Wells, President
> Long Sleeve Polo Shirt:  (S-XL)         $20.00
> Long Sleeve Polo Shirts  (2XL - 4XL)    $25.00
> Short Sleeve Polo Shirt: (S-4XL)        $20.00
> Short Sleeve Denim Shirt: (S-4XL)       $20.00
> Long Sleeve Denim Shirts: (S-XL)        $20.00
> Long Sleeve Denim Shirts: (2XL-4XL)     $25.00

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