[SATLUG] Free WiFi and the law

Samuel Leon satlug at net153.net
Sat Jan 10 20:54:45 CST 2009

Anyone know where to get legal details for providing free wifi?  Like 
what kind of records need to be kept, etc?  I can't find anything on 
google.  I have been tasked a mission to provide a company's customers 
with free wifi access.  I am paranoid about what will happen if a 
customer downloads something that they shouldn't and then the owner gets 
a court subpoena in the mail or something.

I can think of 3 options:
call AT&T or time warner and pay them to set everything up (possibly 

use this http://www.lessnetworks.com (costs money, their website 
mentions no specifics about how they will "protect" you)

or what I would like to do is use a firewall distribution 
and set iptables to log every single connection going in and out of the 
firewall, use Squid web proxy to log every website visited, and use 
nocatsplash http://nocat.net/ or something as the initial captive portal 
to redirect customers to a special page so that they can accept the 
terms of use before they are allowed out onto the net.  But will that 
level of logging be sufficient?


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