[SATLUG] Free WiFi and the law

Samuel Leon satlug at net153.net
Sat Jan 10 22:14:39 CST 2009

Well I don't have any plans on keeping the isp in the dark.  We do have 
a business account with them.  But that is a good idea, call the isp. I 
don't know why I didn't think of that first...


John Champion wrote:
> the problem that I know about setting up free Wifi is twofold...
> 1) It is a violation of TW Cable's policy for you to share your connection
> with third parties.
> 2) Even if you keep meticulous records, you are setting yourself up for some
> sort of bad attack...some ne'er do well uploading illegal materials on your
> network and leaving you holding the bag.
> While I have no doubt, your intentions are good...you would need to pay for
> a TW/ATT license that would allow you to relay third party connections and
> you would also need to block illegal materials. I know that that last part
> sucks. Bad people ruin good things for many people.
> Someone...please correct me if my information is outdated or just flat out
> wrong.
> Thanks!
> john

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