[SATLUG] Free WiFi and the law

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Sun Jan 11 00:21:11 CST 2009

on 1/10/09 8:54 PM, Samuel Leon said:

> use this http://www.lessnetworks.com (costs money, their website 
> mentions no specifics about how they will "protect" you)

The folks at Less Networks have their offices here in Austin, and I've 
talked to them about their products.  They really do know their stuff, 
and their software is used all over the world to provide free wifi 
access at many different types of establishments.  Even the City of 
Austin uses their software to provide free networking in their building, 
which the Austin Linux Group makes use of at their weekly meetings.

Their website is not the best, but I'd encourage you to actually call 
them and talk to them about this process.

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