[SATLUG] Good Deals on Dell Color Toner Carts

Tweeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Sun Jan 11 01:05:28 CST 2009

Hey all..

For those of you who like me, bought one of those Dell 3000cn network/PCL6 
color laser printers from a couple of years back for around $300, you're 
probably running out of toner by now.  Back in 2006, the stock/OEM toner 
cartridges were rather pricey ($60-70 ea) due to Dell's lock-up of their 
cartridge market.  Well there are now some pretty good deals out there on the 
non-OEM/import color toner cartridges starting at around $22 each:
(10% off coupon for 4inkjets.com = JJ997H)

They even "rechip" the carts for you.  Some will even sell you chips and raw 
toner so you can refill them yourself. :)

But if you buy ready to go carts yourself, just be sure to get the "high 
capacity" (~4k sheet) variety and not the stock 2500 sheet versions.

Happy New Year all.. :)


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