[SATLUG] 'Woman Blames Dell for missing classes' because of Ubuntu

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Reading the story, I don't think it's necessarily a bad ending.  Verizon
sent somebody out to get her internet installation working, and the
college agreed to accept papers from her software (I'm assuming Open
Office).  The real problem is *this is what should have happened in the
first place.*  Maybe Verizon will think about making things easier for
non-Windows users, and maybe her school will think about just accepting
homework as a PDF or something.  And maybe when all her classmates get
hammered by a virus that doesn't affect her, she'll say, "Not a problem
for me.  I use Ubuntu."  A little optimistic maybe, but not impossible.

One thing bothered me though.  How can installing a different OS be a
warranty-voiding infraction?  That has no effect on the hardware.

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This morning I was surfing Digg.com and found this interesting article
Madison, WI. A student who bought a laptop from Dell that came preloaded
with Ubuntu had to drop her classes due to not being able to load her
Verizon wireless drivers and not able to install MS Office which is a
requirement for one of her online classes.


I think this is sad because of the learning curve going from Windows to
Linux and the lack of LUG awareness around her area.  My guess is that
was expecting everything to "just" work like how she is accustummed to.
This is something we have to keep in our heads for the upcoming
events(install fest, computer show) since there are many users similar
this student.

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