[SATLUG] 'Woman Blames Dell for missing classes' because of Ubuntu

ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 15 11:32:25 CST 2009

Crandall, Sean wrote:
> [snip]
> One thing bothered me though.  How can installing a different OS be a
> warranty-voiding infraction?  That has no effect on the hardware.
> Sean C. Crandall 
As a freelance technician (on top of teaching), I run into this problem 
all the time from OEMs, especially when "upgrading" a Winblows Vistump 
machine "to a previous operating system."  All of them - Dell, HP, Acer, 
Gateway, Toshiba, etc. threaten to void the warranty if you change the 
OS the machine came loaded with. That's never deterred me, nor any of my 
customers, but, there you are.  M$ has it's foot far up the OEM's *$$es, 
and they reflect it whenever you call them. 

Wonder what it will be like if the US gov't chooses to follow the 
example of some of its European cousins, and switches major chunks of 
its operations to open source?  Watch M$ howl then!  School districts 
are already doing it -- chopping IT budgets, opting for open source 
solutions, and using the saved moneys to keep teachers they'd otherwise 
have to fire.


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