[SATLUG] 'Woman Blames Dell for missing classes' because of Ubuntu

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> Crandall, Sean wrote:
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> > One thing bothered me though.  How can installing a 
> different OS be a
> > warranty-voiding infraction?  That has no effect on the hardware.
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> > Sean C. Crandall 
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> As a freelance technician (on top of teaching), I run into 
> this problem 
> all the time from OEMs, especially when "upgrading" a 
> Winblows Vistump 
> machine "to a previous operating system."  All of them - 
> Dell, HP, Acer, 
> Gateway, Toshiba, etc. threaten to void the warranty if you 
> change the 
> OS the machine came loaded with. That's never deterred me, 
> nor any of my 
> customers, but, there you are.  M$ has it's foot far up the 
> OEM's *$$es, 
> and they reflect it whenever you call them. 
> Wonder what it will be like if the US gov't chooses to follow the 
> example of some of its European cousins, and switches major chunks of 
> its operations to open source?  Watch M$ howl then!  School districts 
> are already doing it -- chopping IT budgets, opting for open source 
> solutions, and using the saved moneys to keep teachers they'd 
> otherwise 
> have to fire.
> Cheers;
> Ed
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I'd comment on the anti-competitive nature of this particular practice,
but the Sherman Act has never deterred Microsoft before.

Easy workaround:  If you need warranty service, ghost your Linux
install, pop in the Restore Disk to fill your HD with adware so that
Dell is sure this is a Genuine Windows(TM) install.  Let the service guy
fix your computer.  Reimage.  Done.  The ease of this solution suggests
why it should be unrelated to a hardware warranty (unless they're giving
you a warranty for Windows itself, which would be a good way to bankrupt
a company).

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