[SATLUG] Where else is FiOS?

Geoff geofff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Fri Jan 16 21:16:40 CST 2009

Got this from a friend in Garland, TX.  Included me in a blanket "I've
changed my email address from xyz to abc" message.

I inquired about his "T-100" line...

> well, it's Verizon's FiOS system. They upgraded their DSL to fiber
> optics. It's not everywhere yet. We waited 2 years to make it into our
> neighborhood. I got the bundled package to save a few $$. Was on
> DirecTV and Time Warner phone and internet. This saves me about $100 a
> month and the performance is GREATLY improved. Picture is better and
> much more reliable than DirecTV. There is only so much bandwidth and
> signal strength from a satellite 23,000 miles away. When DirecTV went
> to 100 channels od HD, something had to give. Fiber optics doesn't
> have the BW issues that DirecTV does. Internet is way faster, too. 

Question is:
Where else is this available?

-Geoff (Baja Spring, TX [aka North Houston])

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