[SATLUG] XCSSA Meeting: Hardware Hacking Night (Mon, Jan 19th, 7pm)

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Sat Jan 17 12:30:08 CST 2009

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Hey all!
More exciting demos and presentations this month.  

First up.. the show-n-tell presentation:

	Christmas Light Microcontroller Hardware and Software Design
	By Charles Strang

Charles will be covering how he designed and built his computer and 
microcontroller controlled Christmas yard light display, and reviewing the 
technologies used to do so.  He will be touching on:
	* d-light AC-8 controller display
	* Quick (5-10 mins) show of how the sequencing software works 
	* Quick demo of the board working
	* Display of a show-ready controller "box"
	* Display of the 6432 LED matrix display controller board
	* LPFM transmitter display
	(links on the web site http://xcssa.org/archives/XCSSA_2009-01-19.html)

Other show-n-tell topics:
	* "Singing Hard Drive" by Fredrik
	* "Balancing Bot" Robot (using propeller uC), By Fredrik
	* Demo of running HDloader and Linux on a Sony PS2
	* discussions on basic AC/DC electronics and analog power supply design

That's about it for Monday night (or all that was reported in).  See the web 
site link above for related links to the topics being discussed.

As always, we'll be at our regular meeting place, int the basement (room 025) 
of the Nail Technical Center on San Antonio College Campus at 7pm.  Map here:

Hope to see you there!

President of XCSSA.ORG

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