[SATLUG] Re: Where else is FiOS?

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Sun Jan 18 23:48:16 CST 2009

on 1/18/09 11:31 AM, benjaminez at gmail.com said:

> However, AT&T was (and is) still stuck with a network designed to run
> at five nines uptime, and this network puts a massive drain on AT&T's
> budget.

The irony is that 90 cents out of every dollar that you spend on your 
AT&T telephone bill actually goes to cover the costs of building and 
running the billing system, not the actual phone network itself.  A 
cousin of mine is a chief architect of their billing system, and I've 
learned all sorts of things from him.

> So that's where the situation stands, to the best of my knowledge.
> We'll just have to see where AT&T et al. go from here.

The key here is that AT&T chooses where to re-engineer the fiber 
network, and they only do that in places where they're getting 
competition from TW and Verizon.  If there's no competition, there's no 
reason for AT&T to make any changes or upgrades.

This is one of the reasons why I like telephone co-ops much better. 
They're not in it for the profit, they're in it to provide good service 
and good services to their shareholders -- Just like credit unions 
versus banks.

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