[SATLUG] Video Card Recognition w/ Fedora 9

Peter Cross ks_cross at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 21 10:11:23 CST 2009

I have been trying to install a PCI 
video card to use the S-video output on a computer at home with Fedora 9. I 
found a repository called Amahi that I have been wanting to try. However I have 
been trying to use my TV as a monitor because CINC-FAM (AKA the war department, 
Battle-Axe, and Self appointed ruler of her domain) doesn’t like me taking apart 
the home computer to use our monitor! Does Linux automatically recognize the 
card off of the PCI bus as it would an AGP or PCI-E video card or do I have to 
install the drivers first? The card I am using is old (8MB) but only need it to 
recognize the GUI for admin and install. Currently the only reaction from the 
box is the blue screen of death from the card. However if  monitor is connected 
to the onboard the GUI comes up no problem…
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