[SATLUG] $200 Laptops Break a Business Model

Peter J. Cross ks_cross at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 26 13:00:16 CST 2009

My wife and I have been using for the last two years an outfit by the name
of Joi Phone. We pre pay every year for the whole year and it's around 100
dollars for the year. It is a VOIP technology similar to Vonage. Their
customer support is often brisk, curt, and to the point but as long as they
got my gear working I didn't care. For those users interested here's the


Peter J. Cross
San Antonio, TX
"Experience has taught mankind the necessity of auxiliary precautions" 
-James Madison, Federalist Paper No. 51 

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Borries said:

> > "You also understand and agree that use of the magicJack device and
> > Software will include advertisements and that these 
> advertisements are
> > necessary for the magicJack device to work ... Our computers may
> > analyze the phone numbers you call in order to improve the relevance
> > of the ads."  (http://www.magicjack.com/tos/)
> The ads flash inline on their softphone app. Frankly, I haven't looked
> at them yet. I'm not concerned if they look at my phone numbers I am
> calling, knock yourself out, I can't imagine any useful information
> on that - and not that AT&T and other phone companies aren't doing
> the same thing, who knows. I am just not that paranoid. 

Like you said, AT&T keeps a list of the numbers you dial anyway.  I
don't do criminal law, but I seem to remember from law school that there
was a case that said the police can use a device (PIN device?) to
capture phone numbers you dial without a warrant or probable cause.  So
you should just assume that information is non-private.

(This post, as always, is not legal advice).

Sean Crandall
Registered Patent Attorney
Jackson Walker LLP
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