[SATLUG] $200 Laptops Break a Business Model - Magic Jack

Jennifer Van Gorkom jennifervg at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 26 15:24:22 CST 2009

When it comes to Magic Jack my advice from personal experience is stay VERY far away from that company.  My mother ordered one.  As her computer is A) too slow and B) running the wrong OS, it would not work with her system.  After 4 HOURS on the phone with them they finally gave me an RMA for the thing.  Their rep had lots of suggestions that included things like buy a new computer with a "real" os on it.  As this was returned during the trial period they were not supposed to bill her credit card.  Well they billed it,  and were continuing to bill it well after they got their device back.  We had to go through Visa to get the money back and them to stop billing.

So from personal experience I can not recommend this product.

Your experiences may be different.



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