[SATLUG] InstallFest

Greg Swift gregswift at gmail.com
Thu Jan 29 21:24:49 CST 2009

I'm going to try and make it.

I was going to put Fedora 10 and its updates in a repo on my laptop, put
dhcp with a basic kickstart file, and bring a couple netboot install discs.
Basically someone that wants to install can just plug their machine into a
switch (I was going to bring mine), boot to the cd and it will install, time
should be fairly short and wouldnt really require to much intervention, as
well as being completely up to date.  In theory atleast (i've done all but
the updates part before).

I was also going to bring the 3 usb stick I have with Fedora 10 Live on
them.  If someone was concerned about hardware support a simple boot to one
of the liveusbs would answer those question.


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