[SATLUG] Did somebody say 'Robots'?

Aaron Hackney techgeeks at aaronhackney.com
Fri Jan 30 13:59:03 CST 2009

Nate Turnage wrote:
> About a month ago somebody made mention about students making use of robots
> for fun, education and competition. I just came across this link on the ACCD
> Northwest Vista website and thought I would share it.
> http://www.accd.edu/nvc/programs/tier/default.htm
There is a bot team forming at NVC (College age) and there is a 
competition at the AT&T center comping up in March or April. I am pretty 
sure they will buy a good chunck of the robot kit if you have a school 
(Middle/High school) that is interested. Contact Andrew Schuetze at 
486-4430 or aschuetze1 at mail.accd.edu

> ~Nate

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