[SATLUG] Panasonic CF-M33

Matt Graham matthewalan77 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 31 22:24:51 CST 2009

Samuel Leon wrote:
> Matt Graham wrote:
>> After I left the installfest this morning feeling unaccomplished, I 
>> was determined to so get somewhere with this machine.  I rushed 
>> straight out to altex and picked up a null-modem cable.  A little 
>> configuration and a hyperterminal installation on my server 2003 
>> machine and we are transferring the NIC driver as I am typing this.  
>> It is dogmeat slow but at least I am getting somewhere.  Will keep 
>> everyone updated as i make progress.  I hope to have ubuntu running 
>> in some form on this machine by next weekend.
> Interesting.  I think your best bet would be to try and download the 
> windows based installer for Debian and try to start the install 
> process from windows http://goodbye-microsoft.com/
> Although ubuntu has a similar project: http://wubi.sourceforge.net/ I 
> think ubuntu will be too much for a 266mhz processor and only 64mb of 
> ram.  I once tried to boot a live cd of ubuntu 6.06 on a 350mhz 
> machine with only 128mb of ram and it took about 5 minutes as the 
> machine simply ran out of ram while only trying to boot.  Installing 
> more ram took the boot time down to a couple of minutes.
> With debian you should be able to have some control over what the 
> installer installs, although everything might just me hard coded in 
> that exe installer, I don't know since I have never used it.  But yea, 
> just being able to do a minimal install of debian without a gui and 
> being able to boot it to nothing but a terminal might take alot of 
> work or a stroke of luck.
> But worth a try.
> Sam
While I was waiting for the NIC drivers to transfer over the NM 
connection I found this.


I am using it to install Xubuntu right now.  Will post results later.

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