[SATLUG] Video Cards

Geoff geofff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Wed Jul 1 21:34:32 CDT 2009

redpill wrote:
> hmmm...that would explain the white noise that I heard when I attempted
> a restart earlier.  It lasted about 3-5 secs.  upon boot-up I heard a
> lot of pops and clicks but dead silence once the Nvidia logo pop-ed up.
> guess I'll be filing that bug report after all.

check the cards.  see if there's not a jumper that can be moved.

I know that the newer stuff us supposed to work itself out and all...
but anything is possible.

I could be wrong on all this, Todd... I've been messing with hardware
and putting systems together for a number of years, but that kinda came
to a stop back around 2002 or so... since i don't/cant afford to bleed
all over the cutting edge of technology, things may be different.
the newest device I have at my disposal these days, is a 500meg PATA ide
harddrive.  I haven't moved up to SATA yet.

but, I remember, with nightmarish detail, the days of jumpers on sound
and some video cards.  It -might- be as simple as that.


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