Kenneth Cluck kc3 at colorado.usa.com
Thu Jul 2 22:51:13 CDT 2009

 haha yeah, that has to be like the most inconvenient thing to happen.

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  Kenneth Cluck wrote:
  > Hey guys, I just got to town yesterday. My car is, sadly, in the
  > right now and I may need to have my transmission rebuilt (hopefuly
  > anywhere know of ahy good places to work are hiring? I worked at a
  > Surveillance Systems company and a communications company for three
  > their radio stations before I moved.

  LOL man this has to be good story. moving from cool rockies into
  the gates of hell with the two hottest months coming and no job
  forced you here????

  Has to be LOVE may all the deities pitch in to help ya po bones
  dude. Full rebuild on that tranny you can bet. I old fart a retired
  starving artist, so Kan't hep.
  Good luck Cluck
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