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call centers:  West Telemarketing, Sears call center on Cable Ranch Road. 
Many openings.

Most all Food service companies are hiring.

Target, HEB and Wal-mart are hiring in widely varying positions.

Many retail stores in the malls are hiring.

KTSA radio might have some openings.

As for auto dealers, most of them are really high priced.  and not all 
independent garages are fly-by-night - I know of several quite honest , 
reliable and even reasonable in price as well.

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Well, I'm really good at pretty much anything technical and anything I'm
not experienced in I can learn quickly. No certifications other than I
have taken some training in A+ technologies and also in office software
such as Quickbooks and other Office software, also in ten months I'll
have a Bachelors in Business Administration. I also have some mild sales
experience and would be more than willing to develop on that. I have
supervised employees, at my last job at the security systems company (it
was a call center btw) I did supervise the employees in the absense of
the manager. I also did the tech producing for the SkySox baseball


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