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Fri Jul 3 06:56:01 CDT 2009

Cheryl Holmes wrote:
> I think the suggestion to get your car diagnosed at the dealer was a good
> one.  If they repair it, yes it will be more expensive, but I'm finding they
> will negotiate price more now days than before according to family members
> who have car problems from time to time.  Dealers offer a longer more
> extensive warranty too.

Sometimes, it's true that you get what you pay for.  It always pays to
shop around, though.  Were it me, and I had the time, I'd go find an
exact replacement transmission, take it somewhere (it's already out of
the vehicle, saving labor) and have someone reliable rebuild it,
completely.  I might only been be repaired.  There -is- a difference,
and if a transmission shop only 'repairs' a transmission, they don't
call it 'rebuilt'.

> Keep in mind, when a tranny is repaired, or rebuilt as they call it, ONLY the bad parts are rebuilt, not the entire tranny.  Many times the new parts will create problems for the remaining old existing parts that will make it go out again fairly soon.  When that happens you have yet another HUGE repair bill since that particular part wasn't repaired/replaced.  At most shops if not all except for the dealer, they will only cover the actual parts they replaced if the tranny goes out again.  Tranny repair is very labor intensive and very costly.  

There are some decent and honest transmission shops in San Antonio.  If
what you are describing, Cheryl, has happened to you or your family in
the past, then I would say that where you want wasn't a 'trustworthy'
transmission shop.  It's been a while since I was there in San Antonio
and 'making the rounds' to tell you now who's doing better work.  I'm
out of the loop (as it were).  I know I've been raped by AAMCO before. 
It might not be fair to judge a chain of stores by the experiences at
just -one- store, but I've been to a few AAMCO shops and it's never been
a 'warm and fuzzy' experience.

> I think my sister or my Mom said that repair shops egenrally charge $110.00/hr now and that's not for the actual
> time they have worked on your charge.  They look it up in a book and charge what the book says to charge even itf it took 10 minutes, they will charge you 1 hour.

Doesn't matter if it's a transmission shop, a computer repair shop or
tv/stereo repair shop, they all have an hourly rate charge for repairs,
and if you take something to them, threre's a 1-hour minimum charge.  I
will say that $110/hr is a bit -steep- where in Houston I've been fiding
that auto repair shops are only charging betwen $75 and $85/hr.  Of
course, the employees don't get that much...

> I hope you have good airconditioning in that car too.  You'll need it to
> live here. c

That's a fact!

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