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Fri Jul 3 09:28:11 CDT 2009

> Date: Fri, 3 Jul 2009 01:18:40 -0500
> From: Cheryl Holmes <cherylholmes72 at gmail.com>
> Subject: Re: [SATLUG] Jobs
> Keep in mind, when a tranny is repaired, or rebuilt as they call it, ONLY
> the bad parts are rebuilt, not the entire tranny.  Many times the new parts
> will create problems for the remaining old existing parts that will make it
> go out again fairly soon.  When that happens you have yet another HUGE
> repair bill since that particular part wasn't repaired/replaced.  At most
> shops if not all except for the dealer, they will only cover the actual
> parts they replaced if the tranny goes out again.  Tranny repair is very
> labor intensive and very costly.  I think my sister or my Mom said that
> repair shops egenrally charge $110.00/hr now and that's not for the actual
> time they have worked on your charge.  They look it up in a book and charge
> what the book says to charge even itf it took 10 minutes, they will charge
> you 1 hour.
> Sister had her tranny replaced by the Chrysler dealer in NB and she never
> ever had another issue with it...she had a brand new one installed though,
> not a rebuilt one.
> I hope you have good airconditioning in that car too.  You'll need it to
> live here. c
We have the GM extended warranty and we've been taken very good care of,
just had a condenser replaced and we didn't have to pay a penny. They've
also replaced the CD player and have gone out of their way to even take care
of things that aren't covered, believe it or not.

A coworker of mine just moved her family to New Brunswick and they're going
to start over. I'm not that adventurous ;-)

Air conditioning ? I'm still shivering from this morning, as the wife likes
to have the windows open. Brr.

have fun

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