[SATLUG] A few questions about MAIL

Michael Moore moore52 at gvec.net
Fri Jul 3 11:56:42 CDT 2009

Hello, I have a few questions about MAIL on my installation of Debian
5.0 "Lenny" using Gnome, this is also my first attempt to use the
Sat-Lug Mailing List.

I transferrred all my mail from MS-Outlook-Express to the Evolution mail
reader/composer, yesterday, and then this morning received three issues
of Sat-Lug Digest right into my folder Sat-Lug.

In issue 6, there is one message with an icon showing no public key is
avaiable, it states that the message itself is not encrypted and the
message is readable, so do I need the public key, and if so, how do I
find it?

The format of Issue 7 seems different than the others, is this a problem
with my set-up/configuration, or is it supposed to look that way? 


Mike Moore

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