[SATLUG] Linux to the rescue

Geoff geofff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Sun Jul 5 03:37:09 CDT 2009

Geoff wrote:
> The dual PIII has been sitting idle for a while.  hmmm...
> tossed a cd-rom drive in it, grabbed my knoppix live-cd, hooked up an IDE drive to be checked, linux came up, I mounted that drive looked to see what was on it, then shut the system down, removed that one, installed another drive and  and after the third drive (of the 10 or so I've got laying around here), discovered some files I had -really- wanted to transfer.
> I knew I was going to have to have this machine on the local network.  Grabbed some ethernet hose, plugged it into the dsl router and we've got a heart-beat.  but after that, what to do?
> hmmmm...
> (!)  To the CLI, Robin!
> sudo mount //ip.address.to.mount-to/sharename /mount-point
> password:
> Success!
> after a couple of syntax errors, I was able to start copying files from
> the queried drive to the home system, at 100mbps.

Ok... I should mention that the 'home system' is running Ex-pee. 
Knoppix 5.1 apparently knows Samba commands.

So, first things first... the Knoppix live-cd puts you on the command
line interface as root, so there's no need for sudo.  I went ahead and
issued a passwd for root, then proceeded to mount the new (old) drive to
the system.

:~> mkdir /media/hda1

:~> mount /dev/hda1(*) /media/hda1
(* = Note: some systems (openSuSE 10.3) use "dev/sda" instead of
/dev/hda or hdb or wherever the drive is you're mounting.)
this mounts the drive you're checking to the live-cd filesystem.

Recalling past samba experiences, in the linux system, I -did- create a
user, that imitated the user name I was using on the M$ box.  THIS NAME

: ~> useradd -m {username]


:~> passwd {username}
making sure to duplicate the password on the M$ box.  If there is no
passwd on the M$ box, this will -not- work.

I created another mountpoint (in the frame of the username)

mkdir /{username}

I think at this point, I su'ed to {username]

"THEN", I did a;

:~> mount //ip.address.of.m$box/sharename /{username}

I don't remember if I got an error here or not, because of the lack of
use of sudo.

then just started cp'ing files.

:~/> cp -r -v -u * /media/hda1 /{username}

-r for recursive
-v for verbose and
-u for 'update' (only xfer those source files that are newer than the
destination files.)

Maybe that helps someone.

I did find -one- drive that had an LVM partition on it.  The systems are
still transferring files, so cant check other drives, to see if I have
the -other- LVM drive here with me or not.  I have an lvm question
coming up in the first message in the morning.


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