[SATLUG] Changing Creation Time of Multiple Photos

Gino Mancillas sirgasolots at gmail.com
Wed Jul 8 17:15:12 CDT 2009

I have two sets of photos taken on a field trip.  Sadly, however, while my
camera had the correct date and time the teacher's camera reset to January
1, 2005 when he replaced the batteries.

Remarkably, though, I found two pictures from the different cameras that
were taken at seemingly the same time.  The creation time of one picture's
EXIF data reads *April 26, 2009 08:52:56* but the other picture's EXIF data
reads *January 1, 2005 14:16:26*.  According to
time difference is
*4 years  3 months  24 days  18 hours  36 minutes  30 seconds*.

Is there a way to change EXIF data of multiple files and their modification
dates by *4 years  3 months  24 days  18 hours  36 minutes  30 seconds*?  I
know the "touch" command can change the modification dates, but not the EXIF
data.  I'm also not sure how to use the "touch" command to adjust multiple

Thanks in advance,

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