[SATLUG] OT 'Proadjuster office sys' exposure?

Herb Cee hc at lookcee.com
Wed Jul 8 17:35:31 CDT 2009

David Kowis wrote:
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> Herb Cee wrote:
>> My nephew is a Chiropractor and would like to bail out of $3500mo
>> payments. Does anyone here have any experience with this patient record
>> sys?
>> Thanks, contact me off list to not bore others
>> herb
> it's not boring if we're discussing open source software to replace
> patient record systems. I find it interesting.
> - --
> David Kowis

Cool David I agree and find it interesting also.  I have been reading 
past few days and this diagnosis system is based on NASA tech involving 
the use of a pressure controlled thump against the individual verterbre 
to determine if that joint is moving properly or is frozen into a locked 
position by muscle constriction this data is superimposed against the 
patient history with all the spine joints.

This is basically a sonar type system combined with a thump of pressure 
controlled by a pair of flexed crystals so very similar to oil sysmic 

The resulting feedback from the thump of 6# against the joint is then 
read as layers underlying the anomaly of the spine and translated into 
useful data .... Russ finds this data very useful and wishes to continue 
using the basic instrument but not using all the billing software that 
does not work properly and is not being used. However the software co 
refuses to adjust lease payment so he wants to replace the software but 
use the NASA sensor unit.

I am only couple days into this so don't know much past here.

I see no problem in setting up a Medicaid/Medicare billing sys but use 
of the device used to measure with is the ? I am not even sure what ? to 
ask and to whom????
Guess we can say this is start from scratch analytical project.

Would you think trying to find out specs of the devise itself be the 
start point?
thanks herb

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