[SATLUG] Re: New user requests advice.

Alan Lesmerises alesmerises at satx.rr.com
Wed Jul 8 22:18:03 CDT 2009

cdv7 at sbcglobal.net wrote:
> Greetings Mr. Hogan (or anyone who can help),
> I am continuing to try to remove the AC voltage on the line used by my 
> computer.
> Persons knowledgeable about such things examined the situation and 
> suggested I call AT&T to send a technician out to relocate the Network 
> Interface Device, as it had been placed parallel and adjacent to the 
> 220 power source to my house.
> This situation being corrected, I tested the jack again but the amber 
> light still appeared.
> Then, it was suggested that I perform the following test:
> Turn off the circuit breaker that supplies the jack being used by the 
> computer. Unplug the computer from that jack and plug in the line 
> tester. The amber light remained on. This eliminated one possible 
> power source but puzzled the person I was consulting, as where the 
> voltage was coming from remains a mystery. Please suggest a solution. 
> If this situation continues, I am concerned that any modem I purchase 
> will either not work or would possibly be damaged.
> Thank you,
> ~cdv
> P.S.
> If the line really is too close to a transformer (as there appears to 
> be one on the telephone pole at the end of my driveway) what can I do?
Maybe it would help if you could disconnect the phone line from the AT&T 
wiring and see if the problem lies in the wiring within your home or it 
it's feeding in from the street.

Just a thought ...

Al Lesmerises

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