[SATLUG] Re: New user requests advice.

Don Wright satlug at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jul 9 00:46:13 CDT 2009

>cdv7 at sbcglobal.net wrote:
>> Greetings Mr. Hogan (or anyone who can help),
>> I am continuing to try to remove the AC voltage on the line used by my 
>> computer.

<alesmerises at satx.rr.com> wrote:
>Maybe it would help if you could disconnect the phone line from the AT&T 
>wiring and see if the problem lies in the wiring within your home or it 
>it's feeding in from the street.

Good thought, as that would also disconnect the DSL coming in on the
line. The phone line tester might be responding to the high frequency
DSL signal and not good old 60 cycle AC hum at the suspect location.

Previously this was mentioned:
>> Exterior Jack
>> (In the gray Telephone Network Interface box.) - No light. Dead Line.

This concerns me, as the TNI (or SNI for Subscriber Network Interface)
test jack is supposed to be the place to disconnect all inside wiring
(IW) and check the pure line from your telephone company by plugging a
phone into it. If that one is dead but inside works, something isn't

Let's be sure we're talking about the same thing. Here's a picture of
one of these puppies. Look at the green jack with the short gray phone
line plugged into it. That's the test jack - yours should be similar.
Ignore the part about opening things and cutting wires - that's a whole
different situation he's fixing.


If there is more than one jack, you may have a spare one or more for a
second line. (Oh joy! We get to play Hunt the Wumpus!)

If your house has a security system that uses the phone line, that's
another complication and you may need to get the alarm company involved.
I've had AT&T techs quietly disconnect the security system during a
service call, and then the alarm wouldn't set at the close of business
because the phone line wasn't working!

Hope you're enjoying your trip through Phone Phreak land.  --Don

PS: To be fair, I've seen some of the "typical" conditions the AT&T guys
work under, and there's a lot of "not fun" in their day, too.

A computer is a hole in your desk you pour time into.

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